Fisheries, seafood and uncertain futures

Project outline and objectives:

A current ARC Discovery project ‘Fishing for change: enhancing Australia’s seafood futures’ is developing a Australian/regional/global fisheries simulator based on more than 50-years of historical catch and effort data. The candidate would help develop scenarios of resource biomass and range shift, but importantly combine elements of the cost of fishing, the social/governance controls, to project forward to see the anticipated consequences and trial mitigation strategies.

This work would bring in the complete spectrum of important elements that typically fisheries-centered works lack.

A full-spectrum scenarios would be created that examine seafood/fisheries economic scenarios for Australia (in detail) but more broadly for the region and globally.

The types of scenarios to be developed would include scenarios that modify

• The biomass and distribution of marine resources
• The logistics of fishing
• The costs of fishing, expected prices etc
• With collaboration with IIASA, the relationship of these marine resource scenarios can be place in the context of terrestrial food and fibre projections.


Reg Watson
Julia Blanchard, UTas
Sarah Jennings, UTas
Beth Fulton, CSIRO


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