Dr Sara Hornborg, Research Institutes of Sweden

170421_RISE_Hornborg_WEBBDr Sara Hornborg is a researcher at RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, at the section Sustainable Food Systems. Her research area comprises of system analysis (life cycle assessment) of seafood production systems, both farmed and wild-caught. Projects have included quantification of environmental effects of various fisheries management regimes, evaluations of innovative systems and feed concepts for aquaculture, method development of environmental assessments of seafood products and more.

As a part of a mobility grant funded by the Swedish Research Council Formas, Dr Hornborg is during 2017-2018 in Hobart collaborating with researchers from IMAS, CSIRO and CMS on topics related to ecosystem-based fisheries management (EBFM), more specifically learning more about ecological risk assessment tools developed by CSIRO, applying a life cycle perspective on case studies and identifying indicators for EBFM. Long-term objectives of the current grant are achieving more integrated and comprehensive assessments of seafood products through combination of tools and collaboration across scientific disciplines. This work also contributes to the overall goal of her research− progress the sustainability of food production systems through use of systems thinking and comparative metrics. Main collaborators are Alistair Hobday, Ingrid van Putten and Tony Smith at CSIRO, and Julia Blanchard and Bridget Green at IMAS.


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