Modelling socioecological thresholds: predicting a safe and just operating space for humanity in the global ocean

Outline and objectives: The global oceans represent a crucial component of the Earth’s system and provide billions of people with core ecosystem services. Yet there is high uncertainty about the ecological status of the worlds’ marine ecosystems and increasing evidence of ocean tipping points and regime shifts from multiple human…

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Managing for resilience in Australian fisheries and coastal governance


Project outline and objectives: This project will assess the value of resilience as a basis for governance arrangements for the use and protection of marine resources in Australia. It will translate the principles and features of socio-ecological resilience to the features of legal systems, and develop specific criteria with which…

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Bridging the land-sea divide: links, interactions and trade-offs for food security and biodiversity


Project Outline and objectives: Very little work has focused on linking the interactions and trade-offs among food production systems on land and sea. The combined effects of growing human population and climate impacts on ecosystems will pose significant challenges for sustainable food production in the future. To gain better understanding…

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The role of incentives, regulation, and nudges in influencing compliance behaviour of marine resource users.


Project Outline and objectives: Understanding compliance behaviour of commercial and recreational fishers has been a topic of research for some time. Understanding compliance is important because if a failure to comply occurs at sufficiently high levels it may affect the environmental sustainability of the resource. The impacts of non-compliance on…

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Fisheries, seafood and uncertain futures


Project outline and objectives: A current ARC Discovery project ‘Fishing for change: enhancing Australia’s seafood futures’ is developing a Australian/regional/global fisheries simulator based on more than 50-years of historical catch and effort data. The candidate would help develop scenarios of resource biomass and range shift, but importantly combine elements of…

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Transnational Environmental Campaigns in the Australia-Asian Region: The Case of Seafood, Fisheries and Target Markets


Project Outline and objectives: This PhD project is part of a larger ARC project that examines transnational media flows of environmental concern in the Australia-Asian region. Investigating a number of cases across Australia’s resource-based industries, the ARC project aims to develop a deep understanding of media roles and practices in…

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Global learning for local solutions: Reducing vulnerability of marine-dependent coastal communities

global_learning project_LOGO

Funding: Belmont Forum and G8 Research Councils Initiative on Multilateral Research Funding – International Opportunities Fund Partners: Rhodes University, South Africa; CSIRO – Australia; University of Tasmania – Australia, Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute – India; University of São Paulo – Brazil; National Oceanography Centre – UK; University of California…

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