Linking science to action to build food secure and climate adapted Pacific Island Communities

By Christopher Cvitanovic Climate change is a major threat to food security in Pacific Island countries, with declines in food production and increasing variability in food supplies already evident across the region.  Such impacts have already led to observed adverse consequences for human health, safety and economic prosperity.  Enhancing the adaptive…

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Strategies for improving knowledge exchange among scientists and decision-makers

The science-based management of natural resources requires knowledge exchange between scientists and environmental decision-makers, however, this exchange remains a significant challenge. New research by CMS Research Fellow Dr Chris Cvitanovic  identifies the barriers inhibiting knowledge exchange among marine scientists and decisions-makers, such as the inaccessibility of science to decision-makers as…

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Phd Positions


The Centre for Marine Socioecology (CMS) has identified PhD research areas that are to be pursued in 2016 for 3 years – please see the opportunities pages for more information. Postdoc postions     Phd positions

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