Female researchers from CMS won the Thinkable 2017 Peer Prize for Women in Science

WomeninSciencePrize2The Species on the Move team, composed by CMS researchers Gretta Pecl,  Julia Blanchard, Sarah Jennings, Jan McDonald, and Cecilia Villanueva, together with Phillipa McCormack (Utas), Lorena Falconi (JCU), Charlene Janion-Scheepers (Monash), Vicki Martin (SCU), Nicola Mitchell (UWA), Sharon Robinson (UOW), Justine Shaw (UQ), Jan Strugnell (JCU), and Adrianna Verges (UNSW), won the Thinkable 2017 Peer Prize for Women in Science with the entry “Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: Impacts on ecosystems and human well-being”.


A video summarizing the study can be viewed at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6d-3Nv2n-Xk

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