Indigenous Fisheries Workshop – 21st February 2018 – Lufra Hotel, Eaglehawk Neck

The Centre for Marine Socioecology’s Indigenous researcher, Dr Emma Lee, will be holding an Indigenous Fisheries Workshop on the 21st February 2018 at the Lufra Hotel, Eaglehawk Neck.

Dr Lee has drawn together Australian and Tasmanian Government representatives, local Tasmanian Aboriginal communities, researchers and industry for a day of information sharing and pathway planning for fishery collaborations.  The Workshop will reflect on the Tasmanian marine legislation to investigate where barriers and opportunities might lie to welcome Aboriginal Tasmanian engagement and participation in marine research and cultural fisheries.  Participants will also hear from government agencies that support regional development and fisheries, as well as Aboriginal Tasmanian aspirations and experiences in sea country management.

With a focus on regional development and cultural food tourism, Dr Lee is confident that she can build widespread support to establish a market for Aboriginal Tasmanian cultural fisheries.  In thinking about cultural fisheries and Aboriginal peoples, Dr Lee stated that much of the coastal geography is a reflection of sustainable and long-lasting sea country governance.  “When our living midden sites are found in all coastal locations and are the product of thousands of years of eating, managing and sustaining the foods and resources of sea country, then wider communities can benefit from engaging with us in developing a new industry of cultural fisheries”.

Dr Lee and participants will welcome the Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency Professor Kate Warner, to open proceedings.  The day will also include a lunch of Indigenous wild-catch seafood to highlight potential benefits from partnerships in regional Tasmania.

Abalone1_EmmaLee Abalone2_EmmaLee






Photos supplied by Dr Emma Lee

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