New CMS Director

IMAS Professor Gretta Pecl has been announced as the new Director of the Centre for Marine Socioecology (CMS). CMS is a collaboration between the University of Tasmania and the CSIRO, with support from the Australian Antarctic Division. The unique Centre galvanises strengths across a wide range of disciplinary areas including physics, law, economics, biology, sociology, and governance, to focus on the complex issues of sustainable management of the marine estate.

Professor Pecl is a marine ecologist with broad interdisciplinary research interests and a passion for science engagement and communication with the public. Much of her current research focusses on understanding climate change impacts in marine systems, and how our marine fisheries, aquaculture industries and coastal communities may best adapt to these changes. She developed and leads the very successful National citizen science project Redmap Australia, the Range Extension Database and mapping project (, which invites fishers and divers around the coastline to help monitor changes in species distributions in Australian seas.

Professor Pecl was the convenor of the inaugural international Species on the Move conference in Hobart in 2016, the first of its kind to bring together experts from many different disciplines from around the world to discuss global challenges associated with marine and terrestrial species shifting their distributions in response to climate change. Gretta is an Australian Research Council ‘Future Fellow’ and the Editor-in-Chief of the leading journal Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. Over the last decade she has initiated and led several large national and international projects, and developed many interdisciplinary collaborative research teams with outcomes underpinning regional, national and international climate change research agendas.

Professor Pecl succeeds CMS’s inaugural Director, Professor Stewart Frusher, following his retirement.

Gretta with Ruby and Amelie

Professor Pecl pictured with daughters Ruby and Amelie, courtesy of The Mercury

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