Social license across industries

This PhD (supervised by University of Tasmania and CSIRO) examines social license across multiple sectoral industries (e.g. fisheries, forestry, mining or energy) to determine where cross learnings can occur and how sustainability (economic, environmental and social) might be enhanced through improved social license. It explores what issues of social license cut across industries and which might be sector specific, and identifies what learnings and synergies can be communicated across sectors. Possible methodologies for this PhD study include media and other textual analysis, stakeholder interviews or workshops, and so may appeal to a candidate from a media, humanities or social science background in particular, although other disciplines and methodologies may also be considered. The supervisory team has contacts across different industries and so there is potentially a direct path-to-impact from this PhD and the work will need to have an applied component. The successful candidate will need an excellent academic record.


Prof Elizabeth Lester, College of Arts, Law and Education, University of Tasmania
Dr Aysha Fleming, Land and Water, CSIRO, (contact:
Dr Libby Pinkard, Land and Water, CSIRO

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