Understanding collaborative marine governance with increasing management complexities, pressures, and change

Collaborative and networked approaches to governance are increasingly recognised as an effective mechanism for enhancing the sustainable management of marine goods and services. For example, by improving stakeholder participation they facilitate learning, complex adaptive thinking and knowledge exchange among network members. However, despite increased interest in collaborative approaches to marine governance, the aspects that influence their effectiveness and efficiency, and the associated cost-benefits, are largely unknown. As such we cannot identify the conditions under which their application is most suited, or develop strategies to optimise their implementation. To address this knowledge gap, via the empirical investigation of multiple case studies this project will evaluate and compare governance efficiency and effectiveness by applying appropriate economic research approaches and methods for different governance structures and different levels of management task difficulties/challenges. In doing so this project will seek to understand the conditions under which collaborative governance systems are most suited, and the capacities underpinning their success.

Essential skills/experience:
The ideal candidate will have a background in Environmental Governance, Economics or a related discipline, preferably with experience in, or knowledge of, quantitative and qualitative social research methods. They will have; (i) a proven ability to work in an interdisciplinary environment, (ii) strong written and oral communication skills and (iii) experience in managing research projects. They will also have a demonstrated ability to work as a constructive and positive member of a team.

Desirable skills/experience:
A strong interest and experience in stakeholder engagement and science communication.

Supervisory Team
Dr Chris Cvitanovic (Christopher.Cvitanovic@utas.edu.au)
Dr Ingrid van Putten (Ingrid.Vanputten@csiro.au)
Dr Éva Plagányi-Lloyd

For further information please contact Dr Chris Cvitanovic and Dr Ingrid van Putten and include a short CV outlining your educational background and experience against the skills outlined above by 23rd November 2017. Please note that all applicants are required to skype with the primary supervisor before submitting an application.

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