Tipping points in marine systems

Project Status: 

About the project:

An exciting opportunity using inter- and transdisciplinary approaches to examine socioecological tipping points for marine systems in 3 case studies that differ in their climatic zones, ecosystem characteristics, and socioeconomic context, as well as management and governance frameworks (the Southern Ocean, South-east Australian kelp forests and Indo-pacific coral reefs).

Project supervisors:

Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas (Jess.Melbourne-Thomas@csiro.au)

Prof Gretta Pecl (Gretta.Pecl@utas.edu.au)

Dr Rowan Trebilco

Dr Steven Rust

Domestic applicants can apply any time, international applications are due by Oct 10th 2022. Please email Jess Melbourne-Thomas or Gretta Pecl to express interest or more information.

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