Professor Greg Smith

Dr Katie Cresswell

University of Tasmania



Dr Katie Cresswell completed a PhD modelling the behavioural interactions between penguins and krill in the Southern Ocean, specifically for macaroni penguins on the island of South Georgia. Following her PhD, she undertook a 4 year postdoctorate at the University of California, Santa Cruz with Professor Marc Mangel where she extended the behavioural optimisation models predict the effects of climate change and krill fishing on penguins and krill. Her most significant model was a behavioural model of a male and female penguin raising a chick, considering issues such as parental conflict, chick growth and a prey field with variation outside of what the penguins may have adapted to (because of climate change). She is currently posted at her second postdoctoral position at IMAS, UTAS, working on modelling the stock dynamics and removal options for the destructive Longspined sea urchin in Tasmanian waters.

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