Centre for Marine Socioecology

Australia has established a Centre for Marine Socioecology (CMS), to address the current and future use of our marine coasts and oceans. CMS is a joint collaboration between the University of Tasmania, CSIRO and the Australian Antarctic Division and brings together disciplinary expertise in physics, law, economics, biology, sociology, and governance. CMS uses this expertise to focus on the complex issues that are developing in the management of the marine estate.

Australia is a coastal nation with over 80% of the population living within 50 kilometers of the coast and our coasts and oceans play an important role ecologically, socially and economically. Australia has the sixth longest coastline and third largest exclusive economic zone globally and our marine regions provide valuable services through the provision of food, energy, transportation, tourism, conservation and recreation.

Further demands on coasts and oceans are expected with increasing coastal populations, food security and emerging industries such as renewable energies and offshore marine production systems. Managing these multiple uses, some with often conflicting objectives, to ensure sustainable ecosystems, industries and communities is a major challenge globally.

CMS provides, develops and integrates multi-disciplinary research capacity to meet these grand challenges.

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