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Trebilco R, Fleming A, Hobday AJ, Melbourne-Thomas J , Meyer A, McDonald J, McCormack PC, Anderson K, Bax N, Corney SP, Dutra LXC, Fogarty HE, McGee J, Mustonen K, Mustonen T, Norris KA, Ogier E, Constable A, & Pecl GTWarming world, changing ocean: mitigation and adaptation to support resilient marine systemsReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Cvitanovic C, Mackay M, Shellock RJ, van Putten EI, Karcher DB, & Dickey-Collas MUnderstanding and evidencing a broader range of ‘successes’ that can occur at the interface of marine science and policyMarine Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Roman L, Warmbrunn A, Lawson TJ, Willis KA, Wilcox C, & Hardesty BDComparing marine anthropogenic debris on inhabited mainland beaches, coastal islands, and uninhabited offshore islands: A case study from Queensland and the Coral Sea, AustraliaMarine Pollution Bulletin2021Scientific publicationRead More
Karcher DB, Cvitanovic C, Colvin RM, van Putten EI, & Reed MSIs this what success looks like? Mismatches between the aims, claims, and evidence used to demonstrate impact from knowledge exchange processes at the interface of environmental science and policyEnvironmental Science & Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Briton F, Thébaud O, Macher C, Gardner C, & Little LR Flexibility of joint production in mixed fisheries and implications for managementICES Journal of Marine Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
McPhail D, & McDonald J All at Sea: Preparing the Law for Offshore Aquaculture in AustraliaEnvironmental and Planning Law Journal2021Scientific publication
McDonald J, & McCormack PCRethinking the role of law in adapting to climate changeWiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Climate Change2021Scientific publicationRead More
Goldworthy L‘Best available science’ approach to management decisions by the Commission for the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Living Resources: consistent or selective?Australian Journal of Maritime & Ocean Affairs2021Scientific publicationRead More
Chambers JM, Wyborn C, Ryan ME, Reid RS, Riechers M, Serban A, Bennett NJ, Cvitanovic C, Fernández-Giménez ME, Galvin KA, Goldstein BE, Klenk NL, Tengö M, Brennan R, Cockburn JJ, Hill R, Munera C, Nel JL, Österblom H, Bednarek AT, Bennett EM, Brandeis A, Charli-Joseph L, Chatterton P, Curran K, Dumrongrojwatthana P, Durán AP, Fada SJ, Gerber JD, Green JMH, Guerrero AM, Haller T, Horcea-Milcu AI, Leimona B, Montana J, Rondeau R, Spierenburg M, Steyaert P, Zaehringer JG, Gruby R, Hutton J & Pickering T Six modes of co-production for sustainabilityNature Sustainability2021Scientific publicationRead More
Cullen-Knox C, Fleming A, Lester L & Ogier EPerceiving Environmental Science, Risk and Industry Regulation in the Mediatised Vicious Cycles of the Tasmanian Salmon Aquaculture IndustrySocial Epistemology2021Scientific publicationRead More
Fischer M, Maxwell K, Nuunoq, Pedersen H, Greeno D, Jingwas N, Graham Blair J, Hugu S, Mustonen T, Murtomäki E, & Mustonen K.Empowering her guardians to nurture our Ocean’s futureReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Stoeckl N, Condie S, & Anthony K Assessing changes to ecosystem service values at large geographic scale: A case study for Australia’s Great Barrier ReefEcosystem Services2021Scientific publicationRead More
Franco-Meléndez M, Tam J, van Putten EI, & Cubillos LA Integrating human and ecological dimensions: The importance of stakeholders’ perceptions and participation on the performance of fisheries co-management in ChilePLOS ONE2021Scientific publicationRead More
Komyakova V, Chamberlain D & Swearer SE A multi-species assessment of artificial reefs as ecological trapsEcological Engineering2021Scientific publicationRead More
Willis KA, Serra-Goncalves C, Richardson K, Schuyler QA, Pedersen H, Anderson K, Stark J, Vince J, Hardesty BD, Wilcox C, Nowak B, Lavers JL, Semmens JM, Greeno D, MacLeod C, Frederiksen NPO & Puskic PSCleaner Seas: reducing marine pollutionReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Nash KL, van Putten I, Alexander KA, Bettiol S, Cvitanovic C, Farmery AK, Flies EJ, Ison S, Kelly R, Mackay M, Murray L, Norris K, Robinson LM, Scott J, Ward D & Vince J Oceans and society: Feedbacks between ocean and human healthReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Cvitanovic C, Wyborn C, Glenn E, Kelly R, Louder E, van Putten EI & Bednarek A Ten Considerations for Research Funders Seeking to Enhance Knowledge Exchange and the Impact of Marine Science on Policy and PracticeFrontiers in Marine Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
Seto K, Galland GR, McDonald A, Abolhassani A, Azmi K, Sinan H, Timmiss T, Bailey M & Hanich Q Resource allocation in transboundary tuna fisheries: A global analysisAmbio2021Scientific publicationRead More
Grover IM, Tocock MS, Tinch DR & Hatton MacDonald D Investigating public preferences for the management of native and invasive species in the context of kelp restorationMarine Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Stoett P & Vince JThe Marine Debris Nexus: Plastic, Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Human Health’, in B Siebenhüner & R Djalante (eds), Adaptiveness: Changing Earth System GovernanceCambridge University Press2021Book chapterRead More
Richardson K, Hardesty BD, Vince JZ & Wilcox CGlobal Causes, Drivers, and Prevention Measures for Lost Fishing GearFrontiers in Marine Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
Kang B, Pecl GT, Lin L, Sun P, Zhang P, Li Y, Zhao L, Peng X, Yan Y, Shen C & Niu WClimate change impacts on China’s marine ecosystemsReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
van Putten I, Kelly R, Cavanagh RD, Murphy EJ, Breckwoldt A, Brodie S, Cvitanovic C, Dickey-Collas M, Maddison L, Melbourne-Thomas J , Arrizabalaga H, Azetsu-Scott K, Beckley LE, Bellerby R, Constable A, Cowie G, Evans K, Glaser M, Hall J, Hobday AJ, Johnston NM, Llopiz JK, Mueter F, Muller-Karger FE, Weng KC, Wolf-Gladrow D & Xavier JC A Decade of Incorporating Social Sciences in the Integrated Marine Biosphere Research Project (IMBeR): Much Done, Much to Do?Frontiers in Marine Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
Robinson LM, van Putten I, Cavve BS, Longo C, Watson M, Bellchambers L, Fisher E & Boschetti F Understanding societal approval of the fishing industry and the influence of third- ¬ party sustainability certificationFish and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Ison S, Pecl GT, Hobday AJ, Cvitanovic C & van Putten IStakeholder influence and relationships inform engagement strategies in marine conservationEcosystems and People2021Scientific publicationRead More
Fogarty HE, Cvitanovic C, Hobday AJ & Pecl GTStakeholder perceptions on actions for marine fisheries adaptation to climate changeMarine and Freshwater Research2021Scientific publicationRead More
Kaikkonen L & van Putten EI We may not know much about the deep sea, but do we care about mining it?People and Nature2021Scientific publicationRead More
McDonald J, Gardner C & Feehely JThe risks and benefits of a Deed of Agreement for the Tasmanian Rock Lobster FisheryIMAS report2021ReportRead More
van Putten EI, Pinkard E, Grady AO, Schmidt RK, Cresswell I, Raoult V & Taylor MD Stakeholder perspectives on the value proposition of enterprise level natural capital accounting for three primary industriesEnvironment Systems and Decisions2021Scientific publicationRead More
Farmery A, Alexander KA, Anderson K, Blanchard J, Carter C, Evans K, Fischer M, Fleming A, Frusher S, Fulton EA, Haas B, MacLeod C, Murray L, Nash KL, Pecl GT, Rousseau Y, Trebilco R, van Putten I, Mauli S, Dutra L, Greeno D, Kaltavara J, Watson R & Nowak B Food for all: designing sustainable and secure future seafood systemsReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Alexander KA, Fleming A, Bax N, Garcia C, Jansen J, Maxwell KH, Melbourne-Thomas J , Mustonen T, Pecl GT, Shaw J, Syme G & Ogier E Equity of our future oceans: practices and outcomes in marine science researchReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Roberts L, Kutay C, Melbourne-Thomas J , Petrou K, Benson TM, Fiore D, Fletcher P, Johnson E, Silk M, Taberner S, Vargas Filgueira V & Constable AEnabling Enduring Evidence-Based Policy for the Southern Ocean Through Cultural Arts PracticesFrontiers in Ecology and Evolution2021Scientific publicationRead More
Fudge M, Ogier E & Alexander KA Emerging functions of the wellbeing concept in regional development scholarship: A reviewEnvironmental Science and Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Solomonsz J, Melbourne-Thomas J , Constable A, Trebilco R, van Putten EI, Goldworthy L Stakeholder engagement in decision making and pathways of influence for Southern Ocean ecosystem servicesFrontiers in Marine Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
Goldworthy L & Brennan EClimate change in the Southern Ocean: Is the Commission for the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources doing enough ?Marine Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Gervais CR, Champion C & Pecl GT Species on the move around the Australian coastline: a continental scale review of climate‐driven species redistribution in marine systemsGlobal Change Biology2021Scientific publicationRead More
Haward M & Haas BThe Need for Social Considerations in SDG 14Frontiers in Marine Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
Rubio I, Hobday AJ & Ojea E Skippers’ preferred adaptation and transformation responses to catch declines in a large-scale tuna fisheryICES Journal of Marine Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
Condie SA, Anthony KRN, Babcock RC, Baird ME, Beeden R, Fletcher CS, Gorton R, Harrison D, Hobday AJ, Plagányi ÉE & Westcott DALarge-scale interventions may delay decline of the Great Barrier ReefRoyal Society Open Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
Mustonen T, Maxwell KH, Mustonen K, Jones R, Pedersen H, Fredriksen PO (Nunnoq), Graham J, Greeno D, Hugu S, Fischer M & Murtomäki E Who is the Ocean? Preface to the Future Seas 2030 Special IssueReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Kelly R, Singh PA, Cedras R, Dinoi A, Giddens J, Giron-Nava A, Mason C, Ortunio Crespo G, & Puskic PS A new generation of ocean leadersThe Conversation2021ScientificRead More
Richardson K, Wilcox C, Vince J & Hardesty BD Challenges and misperceptions around global fishing gear loss estimatesMarine Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Fulton EAOpportunities to improve ecosystem-based fisheries management by recognizing and overcoming path dependency and cognitive biasFish and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Melbourne-Thomas J , Audzijonyte A, Brasier MJ, Cresswell K, Fogarty HE, Haward M, Hobday AJ, Hunt HL, Ling SD, McCormack PC, Mustonen T, Mustonen K, Nye J, Oellermann M, Trebilco R, van Putten EI, Villanueva C, Watson R & Pecl GT Poleward Bound: Adapting to climate-driven species redistributionReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Schodield J, Praet E, Townsend KA & Vince J 'COVID waste' and social media as method : an archaeology of personal protective equipment and its contribution to policyAntiquity2021Scientific publicationRead More
Willis KA, Hardesty BD & Wilcox CState and local pressures drive plastic pollution compliance strategiesJournal of Environmental Management2021Scientific publicationRead More
Murunga MTowards a better understanding of gendered power in small scale fisheries of the Western Indian OceanGlobal Environmental Change2021Scientific publicationRead More
Stephenson RL, Hobday AJ, Allison EH, Armitage D, Brooks K, Bundy A, Cvitanovic C, Dickey-Collas M, de Miranda Grilli N, Gomez C, Jarre A, Kaikkonen L, Kelly R, López R, Muhl E-K, Pennino MG, Tam JC & van Putten EIThe Quilt of Sustainable Ocean Governance: Patterns for PractitionersFrontiers in Marine Science2021Scientific publicationRead More
Bax N, Novaglio C, Maxwell KH, Meyers K, McCann J, Jennings S, Frusher S, Fulton EA, Nursey-Bray M, Fischer M, Anderson K, Layton C, Emad R, Alexander KA, Rousseau Y, Lunn Z & Carter CGOcean resource use: building the coastal blue economyReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Bergstrom DM, Wienecke BC, van den Hoff J, Hughes L, Lindenmayer DB, Ainsworth TD, Baker CM, Bland L, Bowman DMJS, Brooks ST, Canadell JG, Constable A, Dafforn KA, Depledge MH, Dickson CR, Duke NC, Helmstedt KJ, Holz A, Johnson CR, Mcgeoch MA, Melbourne-Thomas J , Morgain R, Nicholson E, Prober SM, Raymond B, Ritchie EG, Robinson SA, Ruthrof KX, Setterfield SA, Sgrò CM, Stark JS, Travers T, Trebilco R, Ward DFL, Wardle GM, Williams KJ, Zylstra PJ & Shaw JD Combating ecosystem collapse from the tropics to the AntarcticGlobal Change Biology2021Scientific publicationRead More
Frohlich MF, Smith TF, Fidelman P, Baldwin C, Jacobson C & Carter RW (Bill) Legal barriers to adaptive coastal management at a coastal erosion hotspot in Florianopolis, BrazilMarine Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Fogarty HE & Pecl GT Chapter 15. Lessons and recommendations for the climate adaptation of key Tasmanian fisheriesFAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Technical Paper No. 6672021ReportRead More
Love D, Allison E, Asche F, Belton B, Cottrell RS, Froehlich H, Gephart J, Hicks C, Little D, Nussbaumer E, da Silva PP, Poulain F, Rubio A, Stoll J, Tlusty M, Thorne-Lyman A, Troell M & Zhang W Emerging COVID-19 impacts, responses, and lessons for building resilience in the seafood systemGlobal Food Security2021Scientific publicationRead More
Kelly R, Evans K, Alexander KA, Bettiol S, Corney SP, Cullen-Knox C, Cvitanovic C, de Salas K, Emad GR, Fullbrook L, Garcia C, Ison S, Ling SD, MacLeod C, Meyer A, Murray L, Murunga M, Nash KL, Norris K, Oellermann M, Scott J, Stark J, Wood G & Pecl GTConnecting to the oceans: Supporting ocean literacy and public engagementReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Cottrell RS, Metian M, Froehlich HE, Blanchard J, Jacobsen NS, Mcintyre PB, Nash KL & Williams DR Opinion: Time to rethink trophic levels in aquaculture policyReviews in Aquaculture2021Scientific publicationRead More
Busilacchi S, Butler JRA, van Putten EI, Cosijn M, Posu J, Fitriana R & Slamet A Why does illegal wildlife trade persist in spite of legal alternatives in transboundary regions ?Human Dimensions of Wildlife2021Scientific publicationRead More
Murunga M, Partelow S & Breckwoldt ADrivers of collective action and role of conflict in Kenyan fisheries co-managementWorld Development2021Scientific publicationRead More
Cottrell RS, Blanchard J, Halpern BS, Metian M & Froehlich HEGlobal adoption of novel aquaculture feeds could substantially reduce forage fish demand by 2030Nature Food2020Scientific publicationRead More
Vince J, Hardesty BD & Wilcox C Progress and challenges in eliminating illegal fishingFish and Fisheries2020Scientific publicationRead More
Froehlich HE, Gentry RR, Lester SE, Cottrell RS, Fay G, Branch TA, Gephart JA, White ER & Baum JKSecuring a sustainable future for US seafood in the wake of a global crisisMarine Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Condie SA & Condie CM Stochastic events can explain sustained clustering and polarisation of opinions in social networksScientific Reports2021Scientific publicationRead More
Edwards P, Fleming A & Kelly R Responsible research and innovation and social licence to operate: aligning concepts for advancing marine innovation and development governanceCurrent Opinion in Environmental Sustainability2021Scientific publicationRead More
Smith DC, Haddon M, Punt AE, Gardner C, Little LR, Mayfield S, O’Neill MF, Saunders T, Stewart J, Wise B, Fulton EA & Conron S Evaluating the potential for an increased and sustainable commercial fisheries production across multiple jurisdictions and diverse fisheriesMarine Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Novaglio C, Bax N, Boschetti F, Emad GR, Frusher S, Fullbrook L, Hemer M, Jennings S, van Putten I, Robinson LM, Spain E, Vince J, Voyer M, Wood G & Fulton EADeep aspirations: towards a sustainable offshore Blue EconomyReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Hardesty BD, Wilcox C, Ford J & Mackay MCrimes at sea: when we frame illegal fishers as human and drug smugglers, everyone losesThe Conversation2021ScientificRead More
Lawless S, Cohen PJ, Mangubhai S, Kleiber D & Morrison TH Gender equality is diluted in commitments made to small-scale fisheriesWorld Development2021Scientific publicationRead More
Haas B, Mackay M, Novaglio C, Fullbrook L, Murunga M, Sbrocchi C, McDonald J, McCormack PC, Alexander K, Fudge M, Goldworthy L, Boschetti F, Dutton I, Dutra LXC, McGee J, Rousseau Y, Spain E, Stephenson RL, Vince J, Wilcox C & Haward M The future of ocean governanceReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Nash KL, Alexander KA, Melbourne-Thomas J , Novaglio C, Sbrocchi C, Villanueva C & Pecl GTDeveloping achievable alternate futures for key challenges during the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable DevelopmentReviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries2021Scientific publicationRead More
Louder E, Wyborn C, Cvitanovic C & Bednarek ATA synthesis of the frameworks available to guide evaluations at the interface of environmental science on policy and practiceEnvironmental Science and Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Fogarty HE, Cvitanovic C, Hobday AJ & Pecl GTAn assessment of how Australian fisheries management plans account for climate change impactsFrontiers in Marine Science2020Scientific publicationRead More
Osmundsen TC, Amundsen VS, Alexander KA, Asche F, Bailey J, Finstad B, Olsen MS, Hernández K & Salgado HThe operationalisation of sustainability: Sustainable aquaculture production as defined by certification schemesGlobal Environmental Change2020Scientific publicationRead More
Chikudza L, Gauzente C, Guillotreau P & Alexander KAProducer perceptions of the incentives and challenges of adopting ecolabels in the European finfish aquaculture industry: A Q-methodology approachMarine Policy2020Scientific publicationRead More
Subramaniam RC, Melbourne-Thomas J , Corney SP, Alexander K, Péron C, Ziegler P & Swadling KMTime-dynamic food web modeling to explore environmental drivers of ecosystem change on the Kerguelen PlateauFrontiers in Marine Science2020Scientific publicationRead More
Sumby, J, Haward M, Fulton EA & Pecl GT Hot fish: The response to climate change by regional fisheries bodiesMarine Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Fudge M, Ogier E & Alexander KA Emerging functions of the wellbeing concept in regional development scholarship: A reviewEnvironmental Science and Policy2021Scientific publicationRead More
Alexander KA, Amundsen VS & Osmundsen TC'Social stuff' and all that jazz: Understanding the residual category of social sustainabilityEnvironmental Science and Policy2020Scientific publicationRead More
McDonald J, McGee J & Barnes, R (eds)Research Handbook on Climate Change, Oceans and CoastsElgar2020BookRead More
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Zhang M, Haward M & McGee JMarine plastic pollution in the polar south: Responses from Antarctic Treaty SystemPolar Record2020Scientific publicationRead More
Blythe J & Cvitanovic CFive Organizational Features That Enable Successful Interdisciplinary Marine ResearchFrontiers in Marine Science2020Scientific publicationRead More
Brasier MJ, McCormack S, Bax N, Caccavo JA, Cavan E, Ericson JA, Figuerola B, Hancock A, Halfter S, Hellessey N, Höfer J, Puskic PS, de Oliveira CS, Subramaniam RC, Wallis J & Weldrick CKOvercoming the obstacles faced by early career researchers in Marine Science: Lessons from the marine ecosystem assessment for the Southern OceanFrontiers in Marine Science2020Scientific publicationRead More
Kelly R, Fleming A, Pecl GT, Von Gönner J & Bonn ACitizen science and marine conservation: A global reviewPhilosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences2020Scientific publicationRead More
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Uffman-Kirsch LB, Richardson BJ & van Putten EIA new paradigm for social license as a path to marine sustainabilityFrontiers in Ecology and the Environment2020Scientific publicationRead More
Garmestani A, Twidwell D, Angeler DG, Sundstrom S, Barichievy C, Chaffin BC, Eason T, Graham N, Granholm D, Gunderson L, Knutson M, Nash KL, Nelson RJ, Nystrom M, Spanbauer TL, Stow CA & Allen CR 2020Panarchy: opportunities and challenges for ecosystem managementFrontiers in Ecology and the Environment2020Scientific publicationRead More
Mackay M, Hardesty BD & Wilcox CThe intersection between illegal fishing, crimes at sea, and social well-beingFrontiers in Marine Science2020Scientific publicationRead More
Mackay M, van Putten EI, Yamazaki S, Jennings S & Sibly HMe and my behavior: an experiment on individual characteristics and compliance behavior in recreational fishingFrontiers in Marine Science2020Scientific publicationRead More
Haas B, Haward M, McGee J & Fleming ARegional fisheries management organizations and the new biodiversity agreement: Challenge or opportunity?Fish and Fisheries,2020Scientific publicationRead More
Ogier E, Jennings S, Fowler A, Frusher S, Gardner C, Hamer P, Hobday AJ, Linanne A, Mayfield S, Mundy C, Sullivan A, Tuck G, Ward T & Pecl GResponding to climate change: Participatory evaluation of adaptation options for key marine fisheries in Australia’s South EastFrontiers in Marine Science2020Scientific publicationRead More
Nash KL, Blythe JL, Cvitanovic C, Fulton E, Halpern BS, Milner-Gulland EJ, Addison PFE, Pecl G, Watson RA & Blanchard JTo achieve a sustainable blue future, progress assessments must include interdependencies between the Sustainable Development GoalsOne Earth2020Scientific publicationRead More
Kelly R, Nettlefold J, Mossop D, Bettiol S, Corney S, Cullen-Knox C, Fleming A, Leith P, Melbourne-Thomas J , Ogier E, van Putten EI & Pecl GLet’s Talk about Climate Change: Developing Effective Conversations between Scientists and CommunitiesOne Earth2020Scientific publicationRead More
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