Professor Greg Smith

Dr Sara Mynott

University of Victoria

Knowledge Broker
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With interests in co-design, co-management, and building equitable partnerships in marine science, Sara’s work centres on designing and delivering research that meets the needs of those who use it – from policymakers and practitioners to community members.

Her research at the University of Victoria explores how ecosystem models can best support the management of issues like marine pollution and climate change. Much of Sara's work as a knowledge broker has focussed on working with policymakers to understand how shipping emissions and oil spills impact the marine ecosystem - so that marine pollution can be better regulated and responded to. More recently, she has partnered with conservation partitioners to see how processes like adaptive management could help protected areas become more resilient to climate change.

In parallel, Sara is the Head of Science and Policy at Mindfully Wired Communications, where she works with a broad suite of stakeholders – and a team of skilled communicators – to support policy developments that are rooted in evidence and are stakeholder-led. Here, she tailors research outputs to diverse audiences; builds consensus around challenges and opportunities for the marine, fisheries and seafood sectors, and supports the development of advice for UK and EU policy. Her portfolio includes initiatives focused on bycatch mitigation and monitoring, ecosystem-based fisheries management and building coastal community resilience, among others.

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