CMS Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is composed of members from CSIRO, and the different institutions and schools within the University that form part of CMS, as well as a representative from AAD, and two independent representatives from government and industry.

Prof Gretta Pecl

University of Tasmania

Director of CMS. ARC Future Fellow. IPCC Lead Author, Fulbright Fellow, Chair Redmap Australia

Dr Beth Fulton


Deputy Director - CMS. Research Group Leader

Dr Alistair Hobday


Research Director. Senior Principal Research Scientist

Dr Ian Dutton

NRE Tasmania

Director of Marine Resources

Assoc Prof Joanna Vince

School of Social Sciences, University of Tasmania

Associate Professor in Politics and Policy

Dr Jonny Stark

Australian Antarctic Division

Marine Ecologist

Dr Rich Little


Group Leader. Senior Research Scientist

Assoc Prof Satoshi Yamazaki

Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, University of Tasmania

Senior Lecturer in Economics (Macro)

Martin Exel

Austral Fisheries

General Manager Environment and Policy

Prof Jenn Scott

University of Tasmania, School of Psychology

Director of Clinical Psychology Program. Senior Lecturer

Prof Catriona MacLeod

IMAS, University of Tasmania

Interim Director - IMAS

Adjunct Prof Ingrid van Putten


Senior Research Scientist’

Prof Natalie Stoeckl

College of Business and Economics, University of Tasmania

Professor of Economics

Paris Tuohy

Australian National University

PhD Student, CMS Student Representative
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