Professor Greg Smith

Edith Shum

Geography, Planning & Spatial Sciences, University of Tasmania

PhD Student
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As climate change continues to threaten significant ecosystems across the globe, people are redefining their relationship in how we connect to and observe nature. My study will aim to explore the role of species as place makers and the extent to which these are robust in the face of a changing climate and increasing social mobility. I will apply a mixed-methods approach by using drone and digital photogrammetry to present spatial data that will act as a visual medium to facilitate discussions that will help to illuminate the interplay between attachment to natural places, the species that inhabit the area, and the adaptive capacity to climate change. Increased knowledge of the interplay between species and our changing world can be used to help leverage how we communicate about climate change in a digestible format that is vivid, productive, and relatable without instilling fear for the future.

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