Professor Greg Smith

Assoc Prof Pedro Fidelman

Centre for Policy Futures, University of Queensland, Australia

Associate Professor
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Pedro’s work focuses on environmental policy and governance within which he is particularly interested in understanding the role of institutions (e.g., regulations, norms, and decision-making processes) in addressing global environmental change (e.g., over-exploitation of natural resources, biodiversity loss and climate change). His areas of experience include coastal and marine social-ecological systems, climate change adaptation and natural resource management in Australia, Brazil and Southeast Asia. With extensive experience in marine and coastal governance, he has contributed expertise to several national and international initiatives in this area, serving as cluster co-leader (climate change) for the Ocean Governance Taskforce of the Earth System Governance Project, theme co-leader (marine and coastal governance) for the Centre for Marine Socioecology, member of the Future Earth Australia Oceans and Coasts National Strategy Expert Working Group, and lead author (oceans and coastal policy) for the UN Global Environment Outlook 6.

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