Professor Greg Smith

Dr Narissa Bax

IMAS, University of Tasmania, Greenland Climate Research Centre

Adjunct researcher
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Dr Narissa Bax's PhD work focused on Antarctic continental shelf and slope biodiversity, biogeography, connectivity, phylogenetics and conservation, primarily on deep-sea corals, at IMAS. This work extends post-PhD to collaborate with the Antarctic Seabed Carbon Capture Change project which aims to understand the role of polar and subpolar seabeds in the carbon cycle 'Antarctic blue carbon', particularly in response to climate change. She is part of a multi-disciplinary team working with the women of the Australian Antarctic program to improve gender equity in STEMM research cultures and is one of many researchers working on the Marine Ecosystem Assessment of the Southern Ocean, the Collaborative East Antarctic Marine Census Atlas project and the CMS Future Seas Project, Grand Challenge: ‘Ocean resource use: building the blue economy’.

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