Professor Greg Smith

Gage Clawson

IMAS, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

PhD Student

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Gage is an environmental scientist and data analyst with a background in marine ecology. After obtaining his master’s degree in environmental science and management, Gage worked with the Ocean Health Index and the Halpern Lab. He applied data science techniques to communicate the range of benefits and pressures derived from oceans and food production systems, including food security, jobs and livelihoods, recreational opportunities, and cultural value. Gage’s research is focused on quantifying the impacts of aquaculture feed stressors on biodiversity and ecosystem function. His goal is to promote effective and equitable conservation strategies that benefit communities and the environment.

As someone who is new to Hobart and UTas, CMS will provide an opportunity for me to make connections for research and friendships. My research at IMAS focuses on biodiversity impacts related to aquaculture feeds, however, we hope to incorporate social/economic impacts in the future. I am also a member of a few working groups at the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis that are focusing on the environmental, social, and economic injustices of food production, which seems like it would fit in with CMS research.

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