Professor Greg Smith

Dr Stuart Corney

IMAS, University of Tasmania

Lecturer in Oceans and Cryosphere
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Stuart is a climate and ocean modeller who specialises in applying climate model output to answer questions regarding the impacts of short and long term climate change on human and marine systems. He is lecturer in Oceans and Cryosphere at IMAS where his main focus is in seeking to understand how changes in the Southern ocean (caused by climate change or directly through human behaviour) will influence the Southern Ocean marine ecosystem. Closer to Tasmania Stuart is interested in how changes in climate impact ecosystems and society at a local scale. This has led to him working with the Tasmanian government to produce reports on changing risk profile of natural hazards, developing fine-scale climate model output for Tasmania and working in interdisciplinary groups to understand the impacts of climate change on sectors ranging from fisheries, communities and emergency management.

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