Professor Greg Smith

Dr Emily Ogier

IMAS, University of Tasmania

Fisheries Social Science Research Fellow; Program Manager
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Emily Ogier  is a Marine Social Science Research Fellow at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies.  She is interested in the human dimension of marine systems, and the way this interaction is governed through formal institutions, markets and social processes. She leads IMAS’ Human Dimensions research team, and the national Human Dimensions Research Subprogram, which is a national program funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

Her research focuses on public policy for marine resources and spaces, and the design of institutions and assessment processes that address the breadth of values, uses, communities, private and state actors. Her work has included a particular focused on fisheries and aquaculture sectors, although with increasing attention to the scope of the emerging blue economy, and the policy challenges arising from climate change and the political economy implications for benefit sharing and distributive justice.

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