Ocean Visions 2021 Summit

Published: 27/05/2021

CMS supported the Ocean Visions 2021 Summit held on the 18 – 21 of May. The summit involved 5 campuses around the world, including Hobart. The Summit was a huge success with more than 2300 registered attendees from almost 80 countries gathering to work on ocean solutions.

Two in-person discussion panels were held in Hobart which were organised by our CMS Director Prof Gretta Pecl, CMS members Dr Valeriya Komyakova and Dr Maree Fudge, and Dr Karen Evans from CSIRO.

Also, several CMS members presented in a variety of online sessions:

Dr Kirsty Nash was a keynote speaker at the Healthy Ocean- Healthy People session and presented Roadmaps for Healthy Ocean & People, with CMS Director Prof Gretta Pecl as one of the moderators. If you are interested in Kirsty's talk, you can watch it here.

Dr Maree Fudge was part of the ECR panel on Pathways and partnerships for action as part of the same session.

Prof Marcus Haward presented at the session about political sciences and ocean governance to support a marine circular economy .

Dr Valeriya Komyakova presented in one of the Early Career Researchers sessions about green marine engineering.

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