CMS Seminar: Dr Brianna Le Busque

Event Date: 5 September, 2024
Start time: 3:00 pm

Title: Applying Psychological Principles to Marine Science

This talk will provide an overview of why psychology is relevant to marine science, including giving a top-level overview of some of the key theories and concepts that can be applied to marine socioecology, and highlight some of the methodologies and findings of Brianna's shark fear research.

Bio: Dr Brianna Le Busque holds a PhD in Conservation Psychology, and her research predominantly investigates people's fear of sharks and how experiences with sharks (e.g., the media) can impact fear and perception of risk. More broadly, she conducts research into the broader media impacts upon sustainability, biophobia, human relationships with animals, and connection to nature. Having worked in industry roles in market research and behavioral science, Brianna brings a deep understanding of human behavior to all her research projects.

Event Details
Thursday 5th September 2024
3:00 pm
Aurora Lecture Theatre (IMAS Salamanca), and Online
University of TasmaniaInstitute of Marine and Antarctic StudiesCSIRO Department of the EnvironmentGEOS
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