Professor Greg Smith

Dr Madeline Green

IMAS, University of Tasmania

Research Fellow Molecular Fisheries Ecologist
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Dr. Madeline Green is an interdisciplinary researcher with expertise spanning marine science, fisheries, conservation, and entrepreneurship. Madeline has a rich background in marine ecology and molecular research, with a focus on commercial fisheries and elasmobranch movement ecology.

Madeline is currently a Research Fellow at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Science (IMAS) and the PI for the forensic fisheries group. Her role develops cutting-edge genetic technologies to reconstruct catch data for commercial fishing vessels, enhance monitoring of data-poor fisheries and track seafood supply chains for frequently unmonitored seafood products (e.g., shark liver oil).

Madeline's work also extends to understanding the genetic relationships between marine species, their movement patterns, and population dynamics, with the purpose of improving fisheries management for highly threatened species.

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