CMS Twitter Conference: Interdisciplinary Science to Underpin a Sustainable Anthropocene

Published: 27/04/2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many students and researchers have been unable to present their work at traditional scientific conferences planned throughout the year. A Twitter conference provides a worthy alternative, allowing researchers to present their work and to develop new collaborations without leaving the comfort of their homes. It is also a cost-effective and sustainable replacement with no carbon emissions from travel. Therefore, to provide an opportunity to CMS undergraduates, graduates and ECR’s we are pleased to invite you to join our first CMS Twitter conference, Interdisciplinary Science to Underpin A Sustainable Anthropocene (#BuildANewAnthropocene).

We encourage anyone who is interested in interdisciplinary science to participate as a spectator and to engage with presenters on Twitter. We encourage submissions from all CMS affiliated researchers, however, please note we will prioritise presentations to be given by CMS students and ECR’s.

The conference will take place on the 20th May, 2020 at 9:30am (Australian AEST)

Submissions have now closed. If you are interested in participating in the conference (#BuildANewAnthropocene) as spectator or presenter follow the instructions below.  

If you have technical issues using the twitter platform or require help with any of the steps below please contact us

Download the conference schedule here



Information for non-presenting participants

If don’t wish to give a present but wish to participate as a spectator only. Please search the conference hashtag #BuildANewAnthropocene and you will be shown all the related posts and presentations. If asking a question, please direct the tweet with the question to the specific presenter(s) by using their handle(s) (@name) followed by the conference hashtag #BuildANewAnthropocene. You can ask questions during the designated question time (10 minutes) or after the conference.

Information for presenting participants

Send the following information to by the 8th of May, 5:00pm

  1. Name
  2. Time zone (if not currently in Eastern Australia)
  3. Twitter account name
  4. Title (max 30 words)
  5. Summary of the talk (1-2 sentences)

If selected, our team will send notifications and presentation times to speakers by the 14th of May.

If you don’t have a twitter account, you will need to set-up one. It is very straightforward. See the links below on ‘how to’:

In order to prepareyour presentation, please read the instructions below carefully-  

  • Your presentation can be a maximum of 6 tweets (each tweet is 280 characters)
  • Every tweet needs to start with the number of the slide: 1/6, 2/6, … and the final 6/6, and @CMS_UTAS (unless you tag CMS on the image, see below)
  • The number of the tweet or @CMS_UTAS needs to be always followed by the conference hashtag #BuildANewAnthropocene
  • Your tweets should follow the logic of a conference presentation (introduction-1, methods-2, results-3, summary-4)
  • If there is a publication associated with your presentation, please include the weblink in the first tweet. You can add the DOI or a short URL to save space form the main tweet. Shorten URLs here-
  • Pictures, graphs or GIFS are encouraged. Don’t forget you can tag people/institutes on images instead of adding them as text in the main tweet (click ‘tag people’ below the image), saving you characters in the main tweet.
    • E.g., you could tag @CMS_UTAS, @CSIRO, @IMASUTAS, @UTAS_, collaborators, co-authors, etc.
  • Presentations should be no more than 10 minutes.
  • After the presentation, there will be a further 10 minutes for discussion before the next presenter.
  • You will be assigned a time slot (10min) to tweet your research. We will be assigning these times based on your geographic location so please ensure you give us the correct time zone information when your register.
  • Don’t spare the #’s and @’s.
    • Example for the 3rd out of the 6 slides:

You need to search our hashtag #BuildANewAnthropocene to see all the posts related to the conference. Using dashboards services such as Tweetdeck or Hootsuite can help you a lot.Both dashboards help you to follow the conference related tweets, to check your notifications at the same time and allows you to schedule your tweets.

We encourage all participants to ask questions to presenters. When asking questions, please direct the tweet with the question to the specific presenter(s) by using their handle(s) (@name) followed by the conference hashtag #BuildANewAnthropocene. You can ask questions during the designated question time (10 minutes) or after the conference.

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