Paper published by CMS researchers in Science highlighted in an article about native knowledge

The paper “Biodiversity redistribution under climate change: impacts on ecosystems and human well-being” (Pecl et al 2017) published in Science by several CMS researchers was highlighted in the article “Native Knowledge: What Ecologists Are Learning from Indigenous People“, written by Jim Robbins and published at YaleEnvironment 360

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Climate ready: identifying adaptation preparedness in Australia’s State fisheries


Project outline and objectives: Long-term climate changes can have a range of potential effects, both positive and negative, on human economies and ecosystem services. Currently, Australian state fisheries management plans and practices do not explicitly consider the effects of long-term climate change, and management options appropriate for climate change remain…

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Rewiring marine food webs: predicting consequences of species distribution shifts on marine communities


Project outline and objectives: Accelerating environmental change is radically affecting the structure, resilience and productivity of coastal marine ecosystems at both regional and global scales. The project will combine global species distribution and trait databases, existing experimental data and new targeted field sampling to develop, test and apply an integrated…

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