2019 CMS Showcase

Published: 15/05/2019

The Centre for Marine Socioecology had its annual showcase on the 29th of May at the Hobart Conference and Function Centre.

Several presentations were held during the day. Some of the presentations can be seen here:

Dr Maree Fudge, "Legitimacy of participation in marine governance and decision-making"

Dr Yannick Rousseau, "Interactions of artisanal fishing with humans & environment"

Bianca Hass, "Regional Fisheries Management Organizations: developing best practice"

Dr Karen Alexander, "Conflict over marine & coastal commons"

Dr Alistair Hobday, "Implementing & evaluating Integrated Marine Management"

Dr Kirsty Nash, "Oceans and society: feedbacks between human and ocean health"

Dr Cayne Layton, "Safeguarding marine life: conservation of biodiversity & ecosystems"

Dr Anna Farmery, "Food for all: sustainable & secure future seafood systems"

Dr Camilla Novaglio, "Building a sustainable blue economy for the future"

Prof Gretta Pecl, "What could or should our oceans look like by 2030?"

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