Beaker Street Festival: Coffee Keynote at Hadley's

Event Date: 5 August, 2023
Start time: 10:00 am


Join for a conversation with Tegan Taylor and Dr. Beth Fulton, FAA.

Humans are using the ocean more than ever before – to the point where the equivalent of the agrarian revolution, the industrial revolution and post-World War II rebuilding is all happening at once in the ocean. As far as reducing pressure on land goes, it’s a great move… but how do we ensure we don’t repeat the same problems we’ve caused on land?

Part of the solution is mathematics… yes, maths! By using mathematical modelling, we can test ideas without breaking real things, and also disentangle what happens when something’s gone wrong. Some of these mathematical models are complicated and use huge computing power, but many are quite simple, and their power comes from helping different groups get a bird’s eye view of the same system.

We’ll also delve into Beth’s journey towards becoming a scientist, from being such a maths-obsessed child that teachers thought she couldn’t read, to meeting her husband by falling off a waterfall, and realising the correlation between graduating from university degrees and her children’s birth dates.

Your ticket includes coffee or tea and a selection of pastries.

Registration: Coffee Keynote at Hadley's - Beaker Street

When: 10:00am-11:00am, Sat 5th Aug 2023

Cost: $15 + booking fee

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