BOREDOM REBELLION - Science Gallery Global Network 3rd annual youth symposium

Event Date: 31 January, 2021

90% of seabirds eat plastic, plastic eventually breakdown, there is an island of plastic in the Pacific, and other “facts” about marine plastic pollution.

BOREDOM REBELLION is the Science Gallery Global Network third annual youth symposium. For the first time, this event has gone totally online - a truly global event. This event aims to unite young people from around the globe to engage through a series of workshops, performances, and discussions that tackle issues that are of most concern to them. The symposium will run from 29 Jan - 31 Jan.

Joining the Boredom Rebellion in 2021 is Struth! an interactive discussion/game which addresses the important issue of trust in science. Originally developed as a podcast, Struth! is a game of ‘truth or lie’ designed to light-heartedly help players confront the ease with which science can be misconstrued, misunderstood, or just plain old misrepresented, especially on the internet.

Over the course of 80 minutes you will have the opportunity to question your fellow participants and hosts, to try to figure out if what they are telling you is true or a lie. Joining us on Sunday 31st at 12:30 pm is Peter Puskic, from the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies and Centre for Marine Socioecology who will help guide our discussion on how we know if what we are seeing is true.

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