CMS Seminar: Dr. Valeriya Komyakova

Event Date: 16 June, 2023
Start time: 1:00 pm

Title: 'Solution-based approaches to human impacts in the marine environment. What I do, and how I got here'

Bio: Dr Valeriya Komyakova (IMAS/CMS) is an environmental scientist with 10+ years’ experience in fish and invertebrate habitat associations, habitat restoration and research into the effects of pollution and habitat modification on the performance and persistence of marine organisms. Her research interests lie primarily in marine eco-engineering, habitat restoration, marine population connectivity, effects of ocean sprawl on marine organisms (e.g. pollution, invasion hubs, ecological traps) and improvement of management strategies of those anthropogenic impacts. Valeriya is also a gifted educator with over 10 years’ teaching experience at university and secondary school levels. Her teaching approach is interactive and integrates new techniques and the latest scientific knowledge.

Event Details
Friday 16th June 2023
1:00 pm
IMAS Salamanca, Flexspace
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