IMAS/CMS Seminar: “Fisheries reconciliation and spatial management” by Prof Natalie Ban

Event Date: 24 November, 2023
Start time: 10:30 am

We are excited to have Professor Natalie Ban from University of Victoria (Canada) present to us in Taroona next week. Natalie made her name in marine spatial planning, and now is also a world leader in ethno-ecological research. Natalie is visiting IMAS and CMS on sabbatical, and will do a seminar specially tailored for IMAS Taroona, about First Nation's comanagement of fisheries (abstract below). 

When: 10:30am, Fri 24th November 2023

Where: IMAS Taroona Seminar Room

Seminar title: Fisheries reconciliation and spatial management

Brief description: Canada and Australia are similar in many ways, including approaches to fisheries and spatial management. Recent changes in Pacific Canada relating to reconciliation efforts that link to fisheries may be noteworthy because similar themes may permeate here in Tasmania and elsewhere in Australia. This seminar will explain the Fisheries Resources Reconciliation Agreement that some First Nations and the Canadian federal government have signed, and research projects underway to support it. This agreement recognizes that First Nations were unjustly excluded from commercial fisheries and fisheries governance. Work is underway to co-manage specific fisheries, and to have First Nations re-engaged in commercial fisheries in ways that can also support cultural fishing. Discussion about fisheries co-governance and co-management highlight that fisheries management needs to be more spatially refined to protect cultural values and align with Indigenous governance.

Short bio: Dr. Natalie Ban, a Professor at the University of Victoria’s School of Environmental Studies in Canada who is currently on sabbatical and spending 3 months in Hobart, is a marine conservation scientist who mixes social and natural sciences to understand conservation issues, priorities and actions for coastal species, places, and communities. Having obtained her PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies from the University of British Columbia, and a Master’s degree in Geography from McGill University, Natalie’s research focuses on marine conservation, fisheries, marine protected areas, and marine spatial planning. She has published over 120 peer-reviewed papers, and has received multiple awards for her scholarship, including being inducted in the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars in 2022.

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