Keynote Talk - Dr Beth Fulton at ACSME 2023

Published: 05/09/2023

CMS Deputy Director Dr Beth Fulton gave a keynote talk at ACSME 2023 (Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education), on 30 August 2023. Ever the engaging speaker, Beth highlights the value of maths in a climate-changed world.

Conference theme: The changing climate of science education

Talk title: Highlighting the value of maths in a climate-changed world

Abstract: The world’s oceans are changing rapidly as climate change takes water temperatures to levels that have rarely been seen in the past million years, with the IPCC indicating that if emissions are not reduce then by the end of the century global temperatures will rise to levels not seen for many millions of years. On top of this human use of the ocean is accelerating and diversifying rapidly. Maths lets us create these reconstructions and projections, but also provides a tool for helping people interested in a system explore the potential futures – the possible, plausible, probable and preferable. There are many different kinds of maths that can be used to synthesise the science of climate change and system function, together creating tangible, informative and engaging scenarios. Unfortunately, the Australian public’s numeracy can make sharing the interpretations more difficult. STEM education is critical not only for Australian science to deliver around climate change and ocean use, but also for the public and decision maker’s capacity to use that information.

Conference details: 2023 Australian Conference on Science and Mathematics Education, 30 August – 1 September 2023.

Location: Sandy Bay campus of the University of Tasmania and online.

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