Climate Council's 'Code Blue: Our Oceans in Crisis' Report Out Now

Published: 09/11/2023

The Climate Council’s Code Blue report is now available, with our own CMS Director Prof Gretta Pecl as a coauthor on the report.

Report link: Code Blue: Our Oceans in Crisis | Climate Council

Media interviews with Gretta:

ABC TV Breakfast News interview ABC News Stories : ABC iview

ABC Radio interview with Ryk Goddard at 7.10am yesterday morning Hobart Breakfast - ABC listen (interview starts at 1hr 37mins into recording).

Key Findings of the Report:

1. The health of the planet’s oceans, and human survival, are intrinsically linked. 

2. The world’s oceans are absorbing "mind-boggling" amounts of excess heat generated by human-induced global warming.

3. Abrupt and concerning changes to the ocean are now starting to outpace scientific predictions. Experts are deeply worried.

4. Marine heatwaves are becoming more severe and frequent, with devastating consequences for iconic coral reefs, kelp forests and other marine species. 

5. Coastal communities across Australia and the Pacific are all threatened by warming oceans and ocean acidification, from robbing us of our big ocean playground, to decimating entire communities. 

6. Urgent action is needed to protect our oceans and limit warming, starting with rapidly phasing out coal, oil and gas. 

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