Curious Climate Showcase

Published: 28/03/2023

CMS co-hosted the inaugural Curious Climate Showcase on Feb 28th at CSIRO in Salamanca. The event, which was opened by UTAS Vice-Chancellor Prof Rufus Black, sought to celebrate the success of the two programs including the many awards they have received - and to thank the many climate experts who have volunteered their time and expertise to providing climate information to answer questions submitted to the programs.

Curious Climate kids

In 2021-2, 50 classes from schools around Tasmania brainstormed climate questions and submitted their 456 ‘must ask’ questions to the Curious Climate Schools program. The Curious Climate Schools team then enlisted the expertise of over 80 climate experts (from CMS and other organisations) to provide responses to children in formats that were interesting and accessible to them - check out the Curious Climate and Curious Climate Schools websites here:

Curious Climate

Curious Climate Schools

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