Full Metal Aquatic - A Future Seas Thriller recording

Published: 08/03/2022

The interactive action thriller ‘Full Metal Aquatic’ was performed online on February 1st and 2nd 2022 to celebrate the launch of the Future Seas Project and to showcase the upcoming Future Seas special issue in the journal Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries. ‘Full Metal Aquatic’, written by David Finnigan and Jordan Prosser in collaboration with researchers from the Future Seas project and animated by Sacha Bryning, is set in the ocean a decade from now and takes place in two different futures – one we hope to see and one we want to prevent. It is designed to explore what our future could feasibly look like, depending on the actions we take now. Watch the video to find out the whole story! 

Watch the recording here

What future did YOU prefer?

The online performance was followed by a game and discussion which unpacked the critical forces that are shaping the future of our oceans. Participants were divided into groups each representing a local authority responsible for managing a stretch of coastline. Each group was given the same budget and a list of twelve possible projects aimed at improving resource management, climate and ecosystem financing, research and education. Each group was then asked to spend its budget on a selection of projects based on the project’s costs and positive impacts in diverse areas related to ecosystem health, climate resilience, community development, food systems, and community connectedness. At the end of the game, each group was given a snapshot summary of what its coastline would look like in 2030 as an outcome of the group’s decisions.

Watch the game instructions here and find the game rules here. Enjoy!

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