Predictive modelling for management

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Predictive modelling to inform institutional processes in integrated oceans management

About the project

This PhD will examine what factors or components of integrative capacity can or cannot be incorporated into decision-support modelling tools. The aim is to expand the capacity of predictive coastal social-ecological system models to include a richer and more authentic variety of human responses, particularly social and political dynamics to do with policy relevant decision making and the responses of coastal ocean users to decisions around the use of spatial areas and resources.

The project will leverage well respected CSIRO system models used in numerous marine ecosystems around Australia and the globe. Once these modelling frameworks have been expanded by incorporating the appropriate integrative governance processes, decision-making and human responses, the project will use these predictive models to map relationships between governments and end-users (decision and policy makers).

The work is part of a bigger project considering integrated governance and will draw on data collected in that larger project as a basis of the modelling work. The goal of the project is to develop predictive models that could assist in strengthening integrative capacity for management issues, planning for climate change and supporting the sustainable and equitable development of coastal ecosystems and marine industries.

Primary Supervisor

Prof Marcus Haward

Closing date: 6 March 2023

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