Successful ARC Future Fellowship at CMS

Published: 02/09/2021

Sincere congratulations to Prof Julia Blanchard for her successful ARC Future Fellowship application with the project "Bridging the land–sea divide to ensure food security under climate change"!!

This project aims to comprehensively evaluate ocean-based food solutions to meet food security needs under climate change. It will resolve a critical blind spot in current plans that isolate land and sea food systems and neglect their interdependencies. Combining global models and data, it will assess the constraints of ocean-based food solutions by anticipating and accounting for land-sea links including: agricultural runoff, shared feed resources for farmed animals, and trade-offs for biodiversity and climate mitigation. It will deliver a major leap in our capacity to undertake holistic ecosystem assessment of future food production pathways. Benefits will include integrated food–biodiversity–climate policies for Australia and the world.

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