Professor Greg Smith

Dr Beth Penrose

Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture

Senior Plant Nutrition Scientist
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Beth Penrose is an agricultural scientist working on the links between plant nutrition and systems health. She works between multiple disciplines, researching at the nexus of agriculture, aquaculture, zoology, geology and nutrition. She works on nutrition security, pasture agronomy and plant nutrition, where she mainly focusses on trace elements (e.g. zinc and iodine) and contaminants (e.g. radionuclides, arsenic and lead).

Why you would like to join CMS and how your research/industry relates 

I think CMS is full of wonderful people who I'd like to work more with! I am currently working on a Linkage project with Julia Blanchard, looking at the sustainability of fish feeds and the link to human health. I feel that this involvement is more aligned with CMS than I have been previously and would like to see what I can contribute to the wider group.

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