Professor Greg Smith

Dr Elisavet Spanou

IMAS, University of Tasmania

Research Fellow
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Elisavet (aka James/Jamie) completed their PhD with the Tasmanian College of Business and Economics, the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, and the Centre for Marine Socioecology in 2020. Their PhD investigated various methods of assessing the Total Economic Value of marine and coastal ecosystem services in the southeast of Tasmania. These methods included Participatory GIS, an online choice experiment, and a deliberative valuation exercise carried out in workshops.

Jamie’s main research interests lie in spatial analysis and spatial and other data presentation, with a focus on the marine and coastal environment. They have completed a number of monetary valuation exercises in the form of cost-benefit analyses of various marine activities (e.g. Southern Ocean fisheries, harmful algal bloom management). They are an excel wizard and find a strange sort of joy in the formatting of reports.

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