Professor Greg Smith

Dr Larelle Bossi

IMAS, School of Humanities, University of Tasmania

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Larelle is a philosopher, and interdisciplinary intellectual and educator in thinking about a sense of place. She has developed an ethics of place firmly embedded within Indigenous ontologies which are intimately bound to contemporary issues of climate change, resource and environmental management. Her focus in on human-marine relationships in what she has coined the “waterscape”, and specifically also how it centres in feminist literature, in the experience of the feminine, and how it pertains primarily to women. Larelle offers a nuanced ethics of place, a real-world background in film production and theatre direction, and inter-disciplinarity from a very strong philosophical basis. Her research is explicitly concerned with the water environment and its ambiguous character as a function of flux; the way in which it centres in our human story from the palaeolithic hearth, through to our contemporary narrative lead by science; and the feminine character of the protagonist in its geneaology.

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