Professor Greg Smith

Ilaria Stollberg

IMAS, University of Tasmania

PhD Student
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Ilaria is a novice in the world of ecosystem modelling, and is currently developing an implementation of the Atlantis model for East Antarctica as part of her PhD project. Originally from a landlocked, industrial city in the north of Italy, she moved to a wave-lashed town in Western Scotland to pursue a degree in Marine Science and Oceanography. Her passion for polar science translated to internships and an undergraduate thesis centred around Arctic and Antarctic biogeochemistry and light dynamics; now, she is broadening her perspective on ecosystem dynamics and polar policy by tackling an end-to-end model from start to finish.

Art and illustration fill Ilaria’s free time; she places a high value on the power of visuals to bring awareness on the issues of climate change and biodiversity loss. She collaborated with community projects to improve resilience through skill sharing and hopes to keep doing so throughout her life.

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