Professor Greg Smith

Lily Ahlemeyer

University of Melbourne

Undergrad student


Lily  is visiting Hobart and CMS over the summer to  complete a CSIRO Industrial Traineeship, hosted by Rowan Trebilco. Lily is a 3rd year student at The University of Melbourne where she is working towards an Environmental Science Major specialising in Conservation and Ecosystems. She will undertake the Traineeship as her placement for a Science & Technology Internship Subject. For her Traineeship project she will be working with Rowan Trebilco, Ingrid van Putten, Gretta Pecl, Cayne Layton, Jess Melbourne-Thomas and Alistair Hobday, and will conduct a literature review of habitat-focused climate-change adaptation activities and an analysis of their effectiveness in achieving desired outcomes and meeting stakeholder needs.

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