Professor Greg Smith

Rosa Maria Lorena Canedo Apolaya


PhD Student
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I earned my bachelor's degree in biological science from Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, followed by a master's degree in marine resource management (specialization in ecology and conservation) through the Erasmus Programme IMBRSea, coordinated by Ghent University. During my academic journey, my bachelor’s thesis was related to DNA barcoding and species delimitation of elasmobranch species in Peru (PEMAR Project), while my master’s thesis focused on the biodiversity composition and spatial distribution patterns of deep-sea megabenthic assemblages from a Spanish seamount (EU ATLAS Project). I have primarily focused my professional career on monitoring subtidal marine biodiversity and coastal fishing resources within Peruvian marine protected areas, as well as on the interaction between artisanal fisheries and elasmobranchs. Aside from academia, I enjoy participating in outreach efforts as a scientific/naturalist illustrator and as a divemaster sharing the beauty and value of marine environments and their creatures.

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