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Sheku Sei

IMAS, University of Tasmania

PhD Student
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Mr. Sheku Sei is an Oceanographer and Fisheries Research Scientist from Sierra Leone with over 18 years work experience. He is a Duke University Global Fellow in Marine Conservation, a United Nations Nippon Fellow in Marine Affairs and the Law of the Sea, a Commonwealth Scholar in Oceans Law and Policy of the International Ocean Institute, Dalhousie University. He is a recipient of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR) Scholarship and holds the Interuniversity Master of Science degree in Ecological Marine Management from Belgium. Mr. Sei is also a recipient of the Prestigious Rhodes Oceans Scholar Diploma in Oceans Law and Policy from Greece. His career path has been partly in Teaching of Aquatic Resources Management and Economics at the Institute of Marine Biology and Oceanography (IMBO), University of Sierra Leone, as a Lecturer and Head of Department for Physical Sciences at the University of Liberia and Lecturer in Mathematics and Computer Science at the AME Zion University College in Liberia. He was Assistant Director engaged in oceanographic and fisheries research and policy planning in the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources in Sierra Leone. Mr. Sei is a trained acoustician and has participated in several fishery abundance survey cruises, including R/V Dr. Fridtjof Nansen of the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research. Mr. Sei is a Co-founder and Director of operations of the Natural Resource Management Consortium (NaReMaC), Fourah Bay College Campus, University of Sierra Leone. In 2019 He led the bathymetric and coastal hydrodynamics studies for the design and construction of an 8km coastal bridge linking Sierra Leone’s capital to the Lungi International Airport. Mr. Sei has been largely engaged in national, regional and international dialogue on ocean governance and sustainable development and he is a member of the planning group for UN Decade of Oceans for sustainable development. In 2018, He received the North Pacific Marine Science Organization award to deliver an oral presentation at the 4t International Symposium on the impacts of climate change on the World’s Oceans in Washington DC, USA. He is published in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.  His recent career interest is the development of climate change adaptation policy planning  to build resilience in coastal communities and to enhance the blue economy in Africa.

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