Workshop: Machine learning tools for species identification and fish size estimation in recreational and small-scale fisheries - Day 2

Published: 26/05/2022


May 3 (6.00-8.00 UTC)

Starting at 20:00 of May 2 HST (Honolulu), 8.00 CEST (Berlin), 11.30 IST (Delhi), 16.00 AEST (Melbourne)

Asta Audzijonyte (Nature Research Center, Lithuania & University of Tasmania, Australia): Introduction and day one recap 

John Lynham (University of Hawai'i at Mānoa). FishNet: species classification and size regression using AI and a dataset of one million fish

Catarina Silva (Nature Research Center, Lithuania): Developing open source tools for automated fish species identification for recreational fisheries

Jaume Piera  (Spanish National Research Council): Integrating AI tools in Citizen Observatories for potential monitoring of fishes: the case of Cos4Cloud project

Dadong Wang (Data61, CSIRO, Australia): AI-based video analysis for electronic monitoring of fisheries operation

Yanyu Chen (University of Tasmania, Australia): Automated sex classification and size estimation for Giant Grabs

Xabier Lekunberri (AZTI, Basque Research and Technology Alliance): Identification and measurement of tropical tuna species in purse seiners catches using computer vision and deep learning


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