CMS Seminar: Bringing kelp forests into the classroom. Lessons from an educational filmmaker building an identity for the Great Southern Reef, by Stefan Andrews

Event Date: 16 November, 2021


Stefan Andrews is a marine biologist turned filmmaker and educator from Adelaide and is the director of Education and Impact with the Great Southern Reef project.

In 2018, Stefan embarked on a multi-state road trip to create films and educational resources about Australia’s kelp forests. His aim was to document stories of local connection to these reefs featuring personalities including Indigenous Australians, researchers, fishers, artists, surfers and conservationists.

The journey took him to isolated coastal towns and fishing villages, on board research expeditions and fishing boats, remote offshore islands and some of the most untouched kelp forests on the planet. The newly released educational resources help school teachers introduce our temperate reefs into the classroom and cover themes such as the indigenous connection to sea country, sustainable fisheries, food webs, climate impacts and plastic pollution.

In this 40 minute presentation, Stefan will talk about the motivation behind his work as well as the challenges, breakthroughs, inspirational moments and lessons learned from the last 3 years. He will also give a sneak peak on future plans for the Great Southern Reef project.

Photo credit: Stefan Andrews

“By understanding the Great Southern Reef better, we hope that young people will develop appreciation and pride in their local beaches and oceans and therefore want to look after them.” (Photo credit: Stefan Andrews).

When:  Nov 16, 2-3pm

Where: IMAS Salamanca, Flex space (in-person event)

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