Curious Climate Tasmania: a new way of discussing climate change

Published: 02/02/2020

We put the call-out to the Tasmanian public to ask exactly what did they want to know about climate change. We then put a team of researchers together to travel around the Australian state of Tasmania to provide answers to the most popular questions asked from each region. Here, you can follow the Curious Climate team’s road trip around Tassie and see some of the highlights from the public forums. For more information about the project and video links please visit: All the videos of our researchers providing their insights into the questions asked by the public please can be foudn through the Centre for Marine Socioecology YouTube channel This project was delivered in partnership with the Centre for Marine Socioecology, ABC Radio Hobart, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, CSIRO, Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture. Funding was provided by National Science Week and the Tasmanian Government, through the Tasmanian Climate Change Office.

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